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Just who are !Us! ?

!Us! Studios is an independent animation series developer where we create our own original series for the world to enjoy! We have two series (WHOOKOS and A.E. Chronics), plus a fan-series (Zelda UO) based on one of our favorite video game franchises. Back in 2003, !Us! Studios was nothing more than a group of friends who made videos and posted them to a site where no-one would see them. Over the years, we’ve moved on from videos to animations and now attempt to bring our characters to life!

Latest Updates

Zelda SDS UO Fight Scene

WATCH FIGHT SCENE HERE! WATCH THE FULL EPISODE 32 HERE (Do it) This is a fight scene I did for Spikerman’s... read more

Another Late WHOOKOS Update

Hello everyone. Again, another update concerning our late WHOOKOS episode. Late everything in general. I first want to say that... read more

Why WHOOKOS 2 Is Still Late

UPDATE: Aiming for December 10th before the month is over as a release date. If not, sooner. Most likely December... read more

WHOOKOS Short – A Fair Question

Haven’t uploaded anything in over a year. That’s gotta change. Hope this short at least suffices til the next... read more