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A.E. Chronics – Chapter: 0 – Part: 1

Alongside WHOOKOS BETA Episode 1, this series was also in the works. Animated at the exact same time in fact. I wanted to get both series going at the same time and it seemed to work for about a year. Remembering how much fun it was making Hallow Statistic, I knew I just had to keep going. In fact Hallow Statistic may have set the atmospheric standard for the entire A.E. Chronics series, minus some tweaking. Unlike WHOOKOS BETA, this series was animated in the same way the original Zelda UO BETA episodes were made. All characters have rigged models and were not drawn with flash’s brush tool (Didn’t start using the brush tool for characters until WHOOKOS – Episode: 1), but instead with the pencil and line tools.

Whether this series is canonical to WHOOKOS or not will remain unclear for a while. But to end any confusion, this series does not have anything to do with the WHOOKOS BETA series, regardless of WHOOKOS BETA and A.E. Chronics being animating simultaneously.


WARNING: Screenshots may contain spoilers!

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