Title: A.E. Chronics | Chapter: 1 – Part: 1
Posted: Nov, 1, 2014
Series: A.E. Chronics
Author Notes: Completely straying off from Chapter 0, we have a new, nameless, protagonist who wakes up in a similar fashion that Skoot did in Chapter 0 – Part 1. Now I’m sure everyone’s full of questions concerning the characters from the last chapter, but all will be revealed over time.


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Waking alone in an unfamiliar environment, a young man explores an unpopulated town.

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  • axiom12 Reply

    I’ve watched this episode more times than I can count, and one thing I keep coming back to is how you nailed the atmosphere. I keep coming back to how *quiet* vast swaths of this world must be, given its broken state and its sub-zero temperatures.
    As they say, silence is deafening, I cannot wait to see what effect this has on the Protagonist’s psyche.
    Combine that with the cryptic ‘Don’t Sleep’ warning, which also hints at more unaltered people existing out there than just him, and I know part of this story going forward will be Bob’s inevitable battle against not just the Statistics, but himself, as he grapples with insanity within and without.

    Speaking of the note, tie it in to the fact that our John Doe holds a very direct resemblance to Scoot from Chapter Zero, I wonder if the energy that’s blanketed the planet hasn’t been imprinted upon by the four from Zero. If that’s the case, that means there has to be some kind of living element to coincide with this energy, and that the Four from Zero are much more important than even they likely realized. I have to wonder, though, if they were somehow imprinted on the energy that blankets the planet, allows them to survive sub-zero temperatures, and transformed the rest of the population into the Statistics, and that this energy essentially copy/pasted at least one of them, could there be more running around out there? If there is one, then it stands to reason there could be more, so how many copies of the Four from Zero are there?
    And, perhaps just as important, are there others who remained unaltered, like the Four from Zero? If so, how many of these people are aware of the existence of the Four from Zero, and their copies?

    But, I’m rambling. It’s amazing how many questions a five and a half minute long episode, with no spoken dialogue and only two instances of written words can generate… And that’s not even covering the ‘God Help Us All’ message that was left behind, which lends credence both to the presence of other Copies, and other unaltered, but not-copied survivors.

    July 14, 2016 at 9:12 pm
    • ScootWHOOKOS Reply

      I didn’t think fans would dissect my work so much! Really glad you enjoyed the episode! And you’re definitely on to something. Not going to confirm or negate your analysis. Loved reading it. Thanks again very much!

      July 29, 2016 at 9:10 am

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