Latest Animations

WHOOKOS Short – A Fair Question

Haven’t uploaded anything in over a year. That’s gotta change. Hope this short at least suffices til the next... read more

WHOOKOS Short: Buzzkill

Here we have another short. Though this particular short I find more estetically pleasing. People have been saying that... read more

WHOOKOS Short: First World Problems

Just a quick short about non-issues. I don’t really know what inspired this short to be honest. Originally this... read more

Zelda UO | Deku Chapter – Part: 2

Wow there’s a huge time gap between these Zelda UO remakes. Not as long as Part 1, this episode... read more

A.E. Chronics – Chapter: 1 – Part: 1

Completely straying off from Chapter 0, we have a new, nameless, protagonist who wakes up in a similar fashion... read more

WHOOKOS – Episode: 1

The beginning of the WHOOKOS series! Unlike WHOOKOS BETA or any other previous WHOOKOS animations or videos, this version takes only a... read more

WHOOKOS Short – Karma

Unlike past shorts, this one has a bit more going on. It was hard to come up with a... read more

WHOOKOS Short – Comedones

A quick short with Swiff attempting to pop a nasty zit. Also one of the newer animations to have... read more

WHOOKOS Short – Music Today

I made this back when I was still experimenting with photoshopping 3D rendered backgrounds for my animations. One will... read more

Zelda UO | Deku Chapter – Part: 1

Much longer than the BETA version of this episode, this remake attempts to both recreate the original series while also... read more