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Another Random Adventure

This was the second “Random Adventure” comic I did ages ago based on the original WHOOKOS. It was originally just one image per page, so I attempted to put them in a comic like form. Below is a transcript of the impossible to decipher comic.

Note: Read from left to right. Just normal. Also, I’d recommend downloading it to see it a lot easier.

BB: Guys! Hurry up! Rat and Kyo are waiting!

Swiffer: Coming!

Scoot: Food me first!

BB: There will be pleanty of time for you to gorge yourselves when we get to the camp site.

Swiffer: HEEE! (sound we make when we’re over joyed)

Scoot: Food!

BB: BB wa sexy desu!

Kyo: Heh heh. Fire burn good. ( did you know that if you spray hairspray on your hand and light it with a match, you won’t get burned for about 5 seconds…depending on the hairspray)

Swiffer: I see Kyo found the matches.

BB: We’re Here!

Scoot: Let me help, Rat!(watching Rat chase a moth)

BB: Our first order of buisness is to eat lunch.

Kyo: What about setting up camp?

BB: That was your job…

Kyo: What am I? I miracle worker?

Scoot: Apparently not.

Kyo: C’mon! I’ve done miracles before. Yesterday I saw Kenshin(friend of WHOOKOS) and she didn’t kick me!

BB: Thats not a miracle, it’s just dumb luck.

Rat: The other day I farted and it didn’t smell. Does that count?

Swiffer/Scoot/BB: NO WAY!!!

The End? (Let’s hope so.)

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