Our most recent artwork can be seen in this gallery. While scrolling down will take you further into the past, the artwork in this section is more representative !Us! Studios today.

!Us! Studios Artwork

Commission – ZenkuTheories

Getting a lot of people asking me to make them multiple avatars lately. Might have to start charging more. Fun as they are, these do take a while. These were made to be used as avatar poses for the youtube channel “ZenkuTheories”: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChDBzm_hfm7Dqd2hXd2FRAg

Commission – Herobound

Note: I was commissioned to draw the character(s) in the artwork above. No characters above belong to !Us! Studios Entertainment. Commissioned to draw these three characters by Klunk. Characters from left to right are: Isaac Dulac, Noah Dulac, and Maria Haddock

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