A.E. Chronics – Chapter: 0 – Part: 4

The final part of Chapter 0. Picking up immediately where we left off, the group for the first time is completely overwhelmed. Using what they’ve learned so far, which isn’t much, this episode really pushes the characters to the limit. I wanted a lot of questions to come up in this episode without having the characters address them straight out. In this episode you’ll see a lot of different phenomena that gets the characters questioning their own reality even further. WATCH EPISODE HERE! Screenshots WARNING: Screenshots may contain spoilers!

A.E. Chronics – Chapter: 0 – Part: 3

Wow. Exactly a year after releasing WHOOKOS BETA Halloween, this finally makes it online. Still, this episode has a lot more going on now that the group is slowly coming back together. Sadly, it was around this time that my animations and artwork started becoming less frequent. I was moving around the country at the time and could only animate in small instances. Finally all of the characters are back together. I actually really liked this one in particular. The characters get to explore a bit and observe the world around them. I’ve always tried to use the surroundings to [...]

WHOOKOS BETA – Halloween

Sadly this was the last of the WHOOKOS BETA episodes. But it doesn’t end without a little history! This episode was actually going to be the SECOND Azumanga Meets !US! animation, also based on a comic by the original BBD. Sad that the comic was never used for anything, we decided to adapt the comic with WHOOKOS BETA. Thus giving us what we have now. Again, this episode was written by the original BBD, who also wrote the previous episode of WHOOKOS BETA. In fact both of these episodes were animated and released simultaneously, breaking the short-lived tradition of releasing a [...]

WHOOKOS BETA – Episode: 3

Here we have everyone back at school where more shenanigans take place. We have a wider array of characters now, as well as a few returning faces. Also despite being only briefly mentioned in previous animations, Happy Juice is finally discussed in depth. BBD was actually the writer for this episode. Before the WHOOKOS BETA series ended, BBD and I thought that he could help with writing episodes every now and then, to take the load off me for a bit while I just animated. This episode has more of a story than the previous episode. Possibly because BBD really excels at [...]