Power Ballad

This was a simple lip-sync test to the song “Power Ballad”, by Shawn Coleman. I used a character I had been drawing for a while, T?????a (sometimes I’ve depicted him with red hair). Though his appearance in this animation is still just for a test. It’s a good thing I did this test too. There are a few instances where the mouth isn’t perfectly in sync with the audio. WATCH EPISODE HERE! Screenshots WARNING: Screenshots may contain spoilers!

Hallow Statistic

I wanted to make something with a bit more frame by frame animation. While I will always love my past work, my animations have been getting very tween based. This was also originally for a Halloween animation contest on Newgrounds and like the “Scoot VS Statistic” animations, this doesn’t reflect the final A.E. Chronics story. The original BBD once told me that this was his favorite animation of ours, period. Which I can understand. This is one of those animations which “appear” to have a story with a good foundation, universe, etc. Obviously, this has elements of the A.E. Chronics universe, but [...]

WHOOKOS Halloween Special 2006

Around the time I moved away from the inspiration of WHOOKOS, I had decided to enter this short animation in one of Newgrounds’s annual Halloween animation contests. Obviously not placing very high, it still made a nice addition to the WHOOKOS animations archive! Some references can be seen in this episode to things like Kingdom Hearts and Fruits Basket. Scoot’s an Organization XIII member, BBD’s a Soul Reaper, Swiffer’s himself dressed up backwards, and Kyo is referred to as himself, despite his red cat attire, referencing Kyo from Fruits Basket in his cat form. There’s also  a picture on the wall in [...]

Shadow Temple Short

Redeads terrified me as a child in the Legend of Zelda series. But I’m human. And like most humans, I too have a natural morbid curiosity. Back in 2006 when I first made this, I remember seeing a creepy flash animation on Newgrounds where a man keeps looking up at the screen in the same manner the Redead in this animation moves. This short also shows up at the end of the WHOOKOS Halloween Special 2006 animation! So much for the surprise! WATCH EPISODE HERE! Screenshots WARNING: Screenshots may contain spoilers!

Scoot VS Statistic Part 2

This animation continues where part 1 left off. While this part was made a few months after the first one, there’s an increase in quality when comparing the two. Unfortunately, there will not be a Part 3 concluding this fight. Also I apologize for the quality at the beginning of the animation (Only in the Flash version). At the time, I was attempting to have an intro with shots from the first episode, but didn’t know how to transfer them over from the last part. Something that’s not issue these days. WATCH EPISODE HERE! Screenshots WARNING: Screenshots may contain spoilers!

WHOOKOS Intro 2006

This was a short animation that was never going to be the intro to a series, but ended up being the intro to our very first website, which met its end around 2009. I had a few ideas when I was making this, but nothing really came out of them. There’s characters jumping from buildings, flying around, and a Dark Scoot character. Oh and I have no idea why T?????a was at the beginning of the animation. I mean I guess I do. I put him there… That’s it! One thing I DO remember, is receiving comments when I first posted [...]

Azumanga Meets WHOOKOS

This animation was actually inspired by an old comic written by the original BBD! Around 2006, we were into the Azumanga Daioh manga and anime series. Noticing the oddities the characters went through themselves, we decided to see what it would be like if these two groups clashed. Like many old animations involving WHOOKOS, this one has almost nothing to do with the main series, or even WHOOKOS BETA for that matter. In fact this was one of the few projects I’ve picked up and put back down for what felt like two years. I also feel it’s worth mentioning that [...]

Scoot’s Christmas Message

This was a short project I made for a multi media class years ago. After the course was over, I was bummed that this short wasn’t really used for anything. So confusion struck the internet when I posted this Christmas short in March. Comments of “It’s not Christmas, genius” flowed over the video on Newgrounds. Responses of “I evidently don’t care” (I’m paraphrasing) soon followed. Still a just another small addition to the old animations collection. WATCH EPISODE HERE! Screenshots WARNING: Screenshots may contain spoilers!

!US! Numa Numa

When I threw this together, I had already been working on a fan animation featuring the characters from WHOOKOS and Azumanga Daioh, “Azumanga Meets WHOOKOS”. Here you’ll see many animation loops from that episode. Not really sure where this was going, but I remember Numa Numa was a thing at the time. WATCH EPISODE HERE! Screenshots WARNING: Screenshots may contain spoilers!