WHOOKOS BETA Short: Scented Candles

Here we have the last WHOOKOS BETA short I’ve ever produced. Unfortunately, there will be no more WHOOKOS BETA shorts beyond this point. This short takes place in a mall where Scoot and Swiffer are browsing scented candles. This short is a prime example of “It doesn’t taste as good as it smells”. WATCH EPISODE HERE! Screenshots WARNING: Screenshots may contain spoilers!

WHOOKOS BETA Short: We Can Make It

Here’s a short I did for a college assignment where we had to convey a message for the audience to decipher in an art form of our choice. I chose animation of course. IPC (Idea, Process, Criticism) was the class this was made for. At the time, I was attending the Memphis College of Art in Memphis Tennessee, an “art” college with a poor reputation of seeming like the best place to learn art ever, until you actually sit in a class and realize you just wasted a lot of money to get tough by art school rejects left over from [...]

WHOOKOS BETA Short: New Camera

I made this short way before actually posting it. WHOOKOS BETA was going to be animated almost 100% frame by frame, since I wanted to broaden my horizons when I went on my Zelda UO hiatus. Obviously this didn’t happen and what we got was some weird tweeny frame-by-frame animation thing. THIS short however has nothing but frame-by-frame animation, excluding the camera motion. WATCH EPISODE HERE! Screenshots WARNING: Screenshots may contain spoilers!

WHOOKOS BETA Short: Prologue

Originally, this was going to be the opening to the WHOOKOS BETA series, but due to some script changes, it was just scrapped as a longer short. Though the beginning of WHOOKOS – Episode: 1 still used elements from this old short. Scoot wakes up in the exact same room that Skoot wakes up in. Same exact house in fact, being modeled after the house I lived in at the time (Don’t try finding it as I haven’t lived there since 2006). It almost saddens me that this short never made it into the final episode. It doesn’t really add to the [...]


This short was inspired by an unfortunate event in high school. I was chewing gum in the back and decided it would be intelligent to blow a bubble. So completely NOT doing that, I spat the gum out which landed on the back of this girls hair. She was not amused. I remember being pretty happy with this short when I first released it. The last few didn’t have any characters speaking, so I gave Scoot and BBD a few lines which I think gave this short a little edge over the others in terms of story (however little there may [...]


This short was inspired by the time Swiffer actually slammed into the back of my dads car years ago. Though the events in this short are much more humorous. There are some canonical issues with this short. Well one actually. BBD is depicted driving down the road to a stop, but the characters in this series are attending Junior High School. I think I just said to myself that the shorts don’t need to take place around the exact same time as the main episodes, but then I thought that certain material may confuse the audience. So I scrapped that [...]

WHOOKOS BETA Short: Gravity

A simple short that takes place in BBD’s backyard. The inspiration for this short was simple. Occasionally, we’d go up into BBD’s treehouse and jump off the balcony down to the trampoline. Yes, I’m fully aware that this short doesn’t display an accurate depiction of how physics work. Not really sure what I was thinking when I made this one. Regardless, it shows a small part of the everyday life that was WHOOKOS. WATCH EPISODE HERE! Screenshots WARNING: Screenshots may contain spoilers!


This old short was made pretty quickly, if it weren’t already obvious by Scoot’s horrendous design in this one. Just another short! Though, looking back at the quality, I question whether this short was made beforehand, and then uploaded later. The last two shorts had much better quality in my opinion. WATCH EPISODE HERE! Screenshots WARNING: Screenshots may contain spoilers!