Zelda UO BETA Epis: 8

This was the final episode of Zelda UO BETA at the time with quite possibly the biggest cliff hanger yet. It was at this point that I took my first long hiatus from the Zelda UO series altogether. I remember feeling like I didn’t gain my audience on my own merit. Zelda UO BETA was the series that got me the following I had, and I wanted to be known for something more than Zelda UO. It was around this time that I’d began working on the WHOOKOS BETA and A.E. Chronics series for the first time. If you’re new [...]

Zelda UO BETA Epis: 7

Quite possibly the longest episode of Zelda UO BETA! Over 17 minutes long, I wanted this episode to reveal a lot more of the story since the first chapter really only gave a little insight to what’s going on. Also, while BETA episode 5 had to be split into two parts, this was only the case with the video versions of this episode. The entire episode can be watched straight through in the Flash version. Unlike other animations, this one was way too long at the time to post to youtube since their website had a video time limit. This is no longer [...]

Zelda UO BETA Epis: 6

After much waiting, I finally released Zelda UO BETA 6! This was the first animation we made that had drawn backgrounds. With Newgrounds.com being the main place I posted animations, getting images smaller was a must. Struggling to get gif files smaller, this episode finally made it out after much trial and error. The Flash version does not have a watermark in the corner, which is present in the video version because I used a trial version of some swf to video conversion software which watermarks whatever file someone decides to convert. Making my work look better was a new goal [...]

Zelda UO BETA Epis: 5

Continuing immediately where we left off, Link and Diggs battle against the mysterious foe. It’s debatable that either this , or Zelda UO BETA 7, is the longest episode of any series to date. In fact, this episode was so big, it had to be split into two parts. At the time, I was uploading my animations mainly to Newgrounds, and back then this meant uploading them as Flash files. Adobe Flash has a frame limit of 16,000 frames, which I greatly exceeded. Newgrounds used to have an upload limit of up to 5MB. Later this was changed to 1oMB, and finally the option [...]

Zelda UO BETA Epis: 4

At this point, I was working on animations at a pretty steady pace. After seeing Zelda UO BETA 3 up on the Newgrounds front page for about a month, I was really inspired to get the next one out. Despite the slight jump in quality since the previous episode, this one did not make the front page, either due to the last episode taking up space for so long, or because of other animations that deserved the spot. This episodes gives up a little more of a story to work with. Link’s been seeing memories from past lives and is trying [...]

Zelda UO BETA Epis: 3

This would be the animation that set the standard length for most animations to come. Being the first animation to be over 8 minutes, this episode lasted almost an entire month on the Newgrounds front page! The loading screen on the original flash version had a character selection menu with descriptions for Link, Saria, Diggs, Cherrina, and Mido. This is also the first episode of Zelda UO BETA where I actually started a foundation for the story, unlike past episodes which were made completely on the spot. WATCH EPISODE HERE! Screenshots WARNING: Screenshots may contain spoilers!

Zelda UO BETA Epis: 2

This is the BETA version of Zelda UO 2. While this episode was originally posted on Newgrounds on the same day as episode 1, it did not get as much attention as the first one since a user can only have 1 animation on the front page at a time. Regardless, I was happy I was getting any recognition at all! Especially when I was still writing each episode as I went. WATCH EPISODE HERE! Screenshots WARNING: Screenshots may contain spoilers!

Zelda UO BETA Epis:1

When I first made this animation, I didn’t know anything about framework and had this episode running at 25FPS, to which 90% of my software wouldn’t accept. For years after that, I had been animating projects at 30FPS, in an attempt to avoid this issue in the future. I’d just so happen to be lucky enough to find that this is the norm (Well… 29.97FPS is the real standard for video, depending on when you’re reading this). Being completely new to Newgrounds (where I first posted content on the internet) I remember actually double posting the episode by mistake, something [...]

LOZ: UO BETA Prologue

This is the prologue for the BETA version of Zelda Unknown Origins. Originally this prologue was going to be part of Zelda UO BETAs 1 and 2 as one full episode. But file size issues and audio syncing provided issues back then. Without a doubt, this fan series is what started my inception into the creation of !Us! Studios Entertainment. WHOOKOS and A.E. Chronics will always be my main series, but there’s no doubting that Zelda UO BETA is responsible for many future works. I remember back when I’d first made this, animating all of the motion was a real chore. Had no [...]

Zelda UO BETA Trailer

During the production of the first episode of Zelda UO BETA (originally just “Zelda UO”) I decided to work on a short preview trailer to showcase the upcoming series. The first episode (which had to be split into two separate episodes due to Macromedia Flash issues) was used to supply the trailer with most of its content. One should take note of a few scenes that never appeared in the final BETA release. These scenes were never in the original episode to begin with, and only serve as shots to make the trailer stand out a little. The music [...]