Zelda UO | Deku Chapter – Part: 2

Wow there’s a huge time gap between these Zelda UO remakes. Not as long as Part 1, this episode takes the fight from the BETA version and completely revamps it. Though the fight is still laid out like in the BETA version, there are some obvious differences. We also tried to hold true to some of our favorite scenes. Originally the fight scene was going to be a shot for shot remake of the original, but that kind of defeated the purpose of the remakes altogether. WATCH EPISODE HERE! Screenshots WARNING: Screenshots may contain spoilers!

Zelda UO | Deku Chapter – Part: 1

Much longer than the BETA version of this episode, this remake attempts to both recreate the original series while also adding new elements that enhance what was already there. While I was fully committed to the style at the time, this was the last series-based animation we ever produced that used thin black outlines for all of the characters. It wasn’t until WHOOKOS – Episode: 1 that thicker colored outlines were used. Photoshopped backgrounds are back! Though this time they’re a combination of 3D modeled renderings with some touched up stock trees every now and then. The design for Kokiria Forest [...]

Zelda UO | Deku Chapter – Prologue

This is the beginning of the Zelda Unknown Origins remake. Both the first episode and this prologue came out on the same day. Lots of Cinema 4D and After Effects were used to make this opening which was a new thing I started doing when producing animations. In fact, some shots are purely Cinema 4D, while others are purely After Effects; and everything in between. So now here we are restarting the Zelda UO series from the very beginning. After a long hiatus of stopping the Zelda UO BETA series at episode 8, this new version of the series will [...]