Commission – Marina

Commissioned by Spikerman87 to draw his character Marina from Spikerman’s Legend of Zelda fan series. Which can be found here:

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Commission – Kokoe and Mew

I don’t normally get commissioned to draw sexy anime girls. Cool. Commissioned by Nick (a.k.a. Phyllo)

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Dru – WHOOKOS Concept

What my younger brother would look like as a WHOOKOS character.

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Chill Valas

Valas from WHOOKOS – Episode: 2. I was trying out new photoshop brushes and spent a bit more time on this one. I love Valas’s design.

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Commission – ZenkuTheories

Getting a lot of people asking me to make them multiple avatars lately. Might have to start charging more. Fun as they are, these do take a while. These were made to be used as avatar poses for the youtube channel “ZenkuTheories”:

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