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Dodge Frisbee – Game: 5

Dodge Frisbee | Official Rules

In Dodge Frisbee, there are three players.

At the beginning of the game, Rock, Paper, Scissors determines the positions. The loser defaults to Dodge, unless the winner or runner up asks for it. The winner calls his or her position (North or South). A three-way tie negates the call, and player restart. In the event of a two-way tie, the winner chooses the two runners’ up positions.

The two players not on Dodge (passers) work to hit the Dodger with the Frisbee. If a passer succeeds, he becomes on Dodge, and is awarded a point. The late dodger is deducted a point.

The Dodger is awarded a point if he manages to catch the pass intended to hit him or her.

A referee awards style points and flags.

A style point is awarded to a Dodger if he accomplishes a dodge in a sexy manner, as determined by the referee.

A flag is a penalty, and is a point deduction. A referee can penalize a player for any unsportsmanlike conduct, throwing the Frisbee out of bounds, hitting the Dodger in face (only if blood is drawn), groin (males only), or boobies (females only), by holding the Dodger, or by throwing illegal objects (anything other than the Frisbee) at the Dodger (The referee may issue a warning to passer in question if the Dodger consents).

In the event that there is no referee, the Film Editor serves as acting referee.

A game consists of seven rounds, unless players agree to end game early, or if the final strike of the seventh round results in a tie. If the latter, then game goes into sudden death: First point scored or deducted due to catch, style points, or penalties ends the game. The final strike is included in the resultant score.

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