Frequently Asked Questions

What would you like to know about !Us! ?

Today, !Us! Studios is an independent animation series developer who strives to bring its stories to life. Started back in 2004 as !US! Studios, a group of five teenage rascals (BBD, Kyo-kun, Rat, Scoot [Myself. I’m the only one left.], and Swiffer) decided they wanted to make videos of whatever came to mind and post them to their undiscovered website, “”, which hasn’t been around since 2007. These days, I work on three series inspired by the many works we’ve all created in the past. WHOOKOS, A.E. Chronics, and Zelda UO (a fan animated series based off the Legend of Zelda series) are the main animated series I work on these days.

All of our series have stories that slowly unfold as they’re being told. You’ll be given small clues as the series go on that will give you, the viewer, a chance to piece the story together. Just be patient and everything will make sense.

While all of this software I use isn’t very affordable, I use a couple different programs to create my animations.  I’ll break it up below:

Adobe Flash Professional

This is the program I use to animate the episodes.

Adobe After Effects

I do my final compositing for each episode inside After Effects. This program also integrates with Cinema 4D very well.

Cinema 4D

I use this program to 3D model the environments seen in the animations.

Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop is used for detailing the backgrounds rendered from Cinema 4D in order to make them fit the 2D characters better.

Logic Pro X

This is the main program I use to create music for the episodes.

WHOOKOS is about an odd group of friends who start investigating strange phenomenon around the Rockies. What starts as a simple exploration of the unknown may reveal a bigger picture.

In flash, your frame rate (which is how many pictures every second is played in an animation) determines how long your animation can be. Since I go by a frame rate of 30 fps (frames per second), I can get only about 9 minutes worth of animation. I think an 18 minute episode is far more worth the wait than a 9 minute one. Plus both parts are always submitted on the same day. The two-parter thing has long been retired after video publishing sites started allowing longer video uploads.

Well truthfully, WHOOKOS was once a real group of friends! They no longer exist, but WHOOKOS Beta actually features the original voices of the WHOOKOS members. The main WHOOKOS Series is just roughly based off of the original WHOOKOS group.

The beginning of the series takes place in a small providence in the Rocky Mountains on May 31st, 2004.

As much as I’d love to see more people animating online, I have my own work to do. I’ll more than likely upload some tutorials in the future, but they’ll only cover certain techniques I use when animating my own work. If there’s IS ever a large demand for more in-depth animation tutorials, I’ll happily make some in the future.

A.E. Chronics is a post-apocalyptic story revealing a world of perpetual darkness and mass extinction. With no human life around to explain this worldwide calamity, follow an unknown protagonist as he searches for survivors, answers, and light. While walking the dead planet, he will encounter many trials along the way. All of unspeakable horror.

I honestly have no idea myself. I may be the creator, but I’m still only one person and cannot predict exact dates for an episode. There are just too many factors to take into account. I’ll typically give a release date when the next animation is close to release. In the meantime, the home page has progress bars showing the current progress of all three series.

Yes and no. Every now and then I hold voice acting auditions for when I am in need of a character for someone to voice for. Voice auditions aren’t held often. But when they are, they will be announced through all our social media. You’ll be in the loop when it happens.

Scoot and his friends always filmed these short videos they called !Statistic Attack!, which from what we understand, have no real story. Scoot just kind of came up with a random idea that he thought would look cool as a movie. Over time, he pieced his own story together and now he makes the A.E. Chronics story that shows the entire story from beginning to end! There are really no elements from the old !Statistic Attack! used in the new A.E Chronics series other than the darkness. The biggest inspiration for the A.E. Chronics series these days are movies like Sessions 9 and Jacobs’ Ladder, or games like Silent Hill 1-4 and Dead Space.

This series is about a young boy named Link who keeps seeing memories from past lives. Through many trials, follow Link as he ventures across the land of Hyrule to find answers.

Honestly, the first two episodes of the original Zelda UO series were completely unscripted and the story just kind of created itself by accident! It wasn’t until the third episode of the original version that Scoot started giving it a foundation. As for inspiration, Scoot just loves the Legend Of Zelda series by Nintendo!

I do intend to make the website more user based like the good old days. Until then, anyone can leave a comment if they wish. But that’s about it for now. Once I have a bunch of new animations online, I’ll work on making a login for users to join.

This is just a side-effect from the website using tabs to separate the video and flash versions of each animation. Once the animation has finished loading, the loading screen with a play button will appear and the animation will play properly.

The dates shown on every animation, video, and picture are correct on 90% of what’s here, with the exceptions of things that were created way before they were originally posted online.