Title: Hallow Statistic
Posted: Aug, 21, 2008
Series: Old A.E. Chronics Animation
Author Notes: I wanted to make something with a bit more frame by frame animation. While I will always love my past work, my animations have been getting very tween based. This was also originally for a Halloween animation contest on Newgrounds and like the “Scoot VS Statistic” animations, this doesn’t reflect the final A.E. Chronics story.


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A group of friends make their way through a post-apocalyptic world.

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  • axiom12 Reply

    I’ve gotta admit, I can actually vividly remember when this animation first came out, and how much I didn’t like it… Granted, that was literally *only* because I had no clue why you’d gone with the cartoony WHOOKOS Beta style, as opposed to the anime style I’d been used to at the time, and I was little at the time, so I’d immediately concluded that this would be how all of your animations would look in the future, something I didn’t really want.
    You sure proved me wrong, but I digress.

    As time has gone on, however, and I’ve gone from thinking ‘this is different, so it must suck!’, to, ‘this is different, I need to watch it!’, this has definitely grown on me, becoming one of my favorites of yours, to the point where it ranks up there right with the Aigavlov fight from Zelda UO Beta, something I still can’t wait to see redone in the future.

    Watching it for the umpteenth time, I can see the connections both backwards to Statistic Attack, and forwards to what would be AE, beyond the shared characters, of course.
    Uuuuunfortunately, while I would love to try and make those connections and draw conclusions from them (I’ve got something of an idea as to how/why the planet’s all broken after the original !SA!, Deception’s… Well, Deception, and what that means in regards to Statistics as a species, and a few ideas as to the Crew’s general disregard over concern of any kind of survivability in the face of repeated use of words like ‘contamination’, and BB bombing Scoot), I’ll refrain… Befitting the Beta artstyle, these days this strikes me more as look at a rough draft of the AE Universe, as opposed to a peek at some event halfway/far into its timeline… That, and you’ve outright said on more occasion than one that this doesn’t hold much weight to the final product. Aaaand I’m more than aware of how thoroughly and frequently story events can change during the leadup and planning stages, and putting in episodes/chapters set far into the timeline is always a risky gamble in more ways than one.

    That being said, I still enjoy this for what it is. Even if it doesn’t hold a lot of weight, it is fun to keep this and other, earlier entries in the universe in mind as AE goes on. One of the things I’ve grown to love about this animation in particular is the attention to the atmosphere – something that you’ve only gotten better with as time goes on – it really felt like a dead world letting out its last, raspy breaths. A proper, well-constructed atmosphere can do far better at terrifying someone, or setting them on edge, than a quick, cheap jump-scare. Show, don’t tell, and all that jazz.
    Then there were the questions it got me to ask – and still gets me to ask, to this day – that just make me more and more ready for the next brief glimpse into the universe you’ve crafted.

    Aaaaaand any animation starting out with DragonForce automatically wins a few points in my book.
    Speaking of the animation – and this here is as much of a blanket statement as it is one that applies to this specifically – more than once I’ve introduced folks to your shows and surprised them by saying that it was all animated by *one guy*. You’ve got an attention to detail and a drive for perfection, and it shows in these animations. The quality is superb, and in this episode specifically the muted colors and somewhat jumpy, ‘shaky’ frame-by-frame animation style all contribute to the atmosphere, giving the world a dead feeling, like it’s on its last legs and everything in it won’t really be there too terribly longer.
    And that’s not a shot at anything either – if you had gone the opposite route and added in more frames for the Crew and smoothed out the animation, I’m certain it would have had the opposite effect, of these people being the only living, breathing, animated – for lack of a better term – creatures in a dead, ‘contaminated’ world. Either way would have worked, and I’m enjoying what we’ve got now.
    I love the gradients and special effects used throughout – the fog outside the ship and the clear, crisp air inside it, the transition from Scoot to Dark Scoot and the appearance of his sword, which looks pretty similar to Pyramid Head’s Great Knife, one of my favorite weapons in gaming.

    In short, where once I wasn’t too fond of this animation, it’s come to grow on me and stands up there among some of my most favorite animations of yours. It’s great, I’ve watched it more than a few dozen times, and I’m pretty sure I’ll continue to watch it as time goes on.

    Oh yeah, and this is almost ten freakin’ years old, and when that clicked it threw me for a loop.

    ‘Till next time,

    December 13, 2016 at 8:51 pm

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