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Hallow Statistic

I wanted to make something with a bit more frame by frame animation. While I will always love my past work, my animations have been getting very tween based. This was also originally for a Halloween animation contest on Newgrounds and like the “Scoot VS Statistic” animations, this doesn’t reflect the final A.E. Chronics story.

The original BBD once told me that this was his favorite animation of ours, period. Which I can understand. This is one of those animations which “appear” to have a story with a good foundation, universe, etc. Obviously, this has elements of the A.E. Chronics universe, but the A.E. Chronics series wasn’t created until two years after.

The largest contribution to the A.E. Chronics universe (if you will), would be the discovery of the Silent Hill (1-4) series. Immersing myself into the town of Silent Hill brought a feeling of terrified-morbid-curiosity I had never felt before. The psychological-horror genre was a new concept to me, and I wanted more. This discovery would lead to much more abstract creatures and an even darker A.E. experience in the future.

One character I should definitely point out is the un-named guy with the green jacket. This was a character from the ancient video, “!Statistic Attack! Part: 3”, who assists Kyo-kun and Swiffer whilst they take out a number of Statistics (common monsters in the !Statistic Attack! universe). He was appropriately dubbed “Bum” by Kyo-kun (Kyo-kun gave all of the original WHOOKOS their nicknames), due to his tattered clothes and broken English.


WARNING: Screenshots may contain spoilers!

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