The following animations come from back when we weren’t really sure what !Us! Studios was going for. Animations back then were typically made out of the blue and rarely consistent with one another. Regardless, they will always remain a part of our past.

All Other Animations

Scoot VS Statistic

Part: 1

It appears that this is the final battle between two forces, both fighting on opposing sides of an unknown history. Watch as these two clash in a battle of dark and light.

!US! Numa Numa

A random short animation featuring WHOOKOS and Azumanga.

Scoot's Christmas Message

Scoot fails at hanging Christmas lights.

Azumanga Meets !US!

The characters from the anime Azumanga Daioh transfer to the school of WHOOKOS where both parties clash in the forces of the strange!



WHOOKOS can be seen flying all over the place in this nonsensical animation!

Scoot VS Statistic

Part: 2

Things intensify as the two brawlers duke it out with blades now drawn.

Shadow Temple Short

A short animation of a Redead slowly approaching the audience.

WHOOKOS Halloween Special


WHOOKOS get together at Scoot’s house for a Halloween gathering! Not a productive thing happens.

Hallow Statistic

A group of friends make their way through a post-apocalyptic world.

Power Ballad

An old lip-sync test.

Power Metal Solo

T?????a playing a solo from Dragonforce’s, “Through The Fire And Flames”.

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