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!Statistic Attack! – Part: 1

NOTE: The following has nothing to do with the story of A.E. Chronics which we produce today.

Reading this helps:

Stuff is doing pretty good at this time in our lives…until an apocalyptic cataclysm of events thrusts this world into a hollow, empty existence wherein humanity borders on the edge of extinction. What’s more, even those of !US! that survive face a fate worse than death, and insanity of unknown origin, transforming dearest friends into bitterest enemies.

After the apocalypse, a creature was born; A creature with unimaginable power, with no emotions, and a mind that works only in numbers and logic. Thousands replaced the once-living survivors of the After-Earth humans, and soon came after !US!. We fought them as best we could, but to no avail. Because of our overzealous efforts to establish peace, Kyo was killed by the most powerful Statistic we’ve ever encountered. Unable to defeat any of them, we barricaded ourselves in Scoot’s basement. A millennium of tireless training has brought !US! that much closer to success, and vengeance is on our minds.

Now the Statistic, the very one that murdered our friend has found its way through our shield, and is now after the pausebreak, a device that gives one control of our Reactor, the last link keeping our world in tact. All we can do is sit and wait, and hope that by some God given miracle, our efforts have not been in vain.


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