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A.E. Chronics
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Just who are !Us! ?

!Us! Studios is an independent animation series developer where we create our own original series for the world to enjoy! We have two series (WHOOKOS and A.E. Chronics), plus a fan-series (Zelda UO) based on one of our favorite video game franchises. Back in 2003, !Us! Studios was nothing more than a group of friends who made videos and posted them to a site where no-one would see them. Over the years, we’ve moved on from videos to animations and now attempt to bring our characters to life!

Latest Updates

WHOOKOS – Episode: 2

WATCH EPISODE HERE! This is the second installment of the WHOOKOS series. It’s been three years since I first uploaded... read more

Zelda SDS UO Fight Scene

WATCH FIGHT SCENE HERE! WATCH THE FULL EPISODE 32 HERE (Do it) This is a fight scene I did for Spikerman’s... read more

Another Late WHOOKOS Update

Hello everyone. Again, another update concerning our late WHOOKOS episode. Late everything in general. I first want to say that... read more

Why WHOOKOS 2 Is Still Late

UPDATE: Aiming for December 10th before the month is over as a release date. If not, sooner. Most likely December... read more

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