WHOOKOS – Episode: 2

This is the second installment of the WHOOKOS series. It’s been three years since I first uploaded Episode: 1. That’s way too long. I never stopped wanting to animate my work between those three years. Sorry for the wait. I’ll have more info in this article soon, as well as screenshots. Til then, enjoy the episode! Screenshots WARNING: Screenshots may contain spoilers!

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Zelda SDS UO Fight Scene

WATCH THE FULL EPISODE 32 HERE (Do it) This is a fight scene I did for Spikerman’s fan series, The Legend of Zelda: Seven Dark Sorcerers – Episode 32: Part 3. He’s been animating SDS since January 2009 and his series is coming to an end at episode 33. Why are Zelda UO characters in SDS? Well you’re about 32 episodes behind on that one. Spikerman’s Legend of Zelda Series – All Episodes  Spikerman’s Zelda Site Spikerman’s Site Music belongs to One Punch Man | Legend of Zelda Belongs to Nintendo Screenshots WARNING: Screenshots may contain spoilers!

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Another Late WHOOKOS Update

Hello everyone. Again, another update concerning our late WHOOKOS episode. Late everything in general. I first want to say that I’m not happy about this. I fully intended to release WHOOKOS 2 in September. The episode was finished in, more or less, mid-October. After that, all I had left to do was add the voices, which were all sent on time. Thanks again everyone. Way ahead of time in fact. Now I need to tell everyone what’s been going on. I didn’t want to say anything more until the episode was online, but I can’t leave everyone in the dark either. The [...]

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Why WHOOKOS 2 Is Still Late

UPDATE: Aiming for December 10th before the month is over as a release date. If not, sooner. Most likely December 31st. More than likely going to release it January 1st, 2017. It’s already taken this long. It’s still gonna be about another week and a half. Sorry everyone. Thought I’d at least give an update on the site since I said my last twitter post was all I’d say before the next episode. So just to clarify, yes, the episode is done. I’m currently still adding voices and tweeking a few things before release. In the past, I’ve rushed through adding [...]

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WHOOKOS Short – A Fair Question

Haven’t uploaded anything in over a year. That’s gotta change. Hope this short at least suffices til the next WHOOKOS. Which will be out sometime this September (this was not the case). I’ll have this article updated more soon. For now, I’m gonna sleep. Screenshots WARNING: Screenshots may contain spoilers!

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New WHOOKOS Short Coming Wednesday!

I posted a Tweet last week stating that I’d be uploading a new WHOOKOS Short after over a year of no animations. Unfortunateoly, an old Flash error I remember from years ago has reared its ugly head once again (the Flash error I encountered). Not exactly how I wanted to start bringing content back, but I’ll have the new short up by Wednesday. Luckily, I didn’t lose a bunch of the project since I’ve mad a habit to save my projects as multiple files, eliminating the possibility of losing everything and starting over. Until then, enjoy this short video [...]

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WHOOKOS 2 Coming This September!!!

It’s been a rough couple years. I’ve moved many times between states, been in and out of jobs, and currently haven’t uploaded an animation in over a year, which I believe has only happened once in the past. If the image didn’t already give it away, the next WHOOKOS will be released sometime this September! There will be a video update (there was not update for obvious reasons) in the next two weeks announcing that we’ll be releasing animations again. So just a little longer! This one’s going to be our best episode yet! I’ll also be uploading WHOOKOS Shorts again pretty [...]

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WHOOKOS 2 Screenshots

With the obvious lack of content released these days, I think I’ll post a few screens from the next WHOOKOS episode. Now I know that I haven’t revealed this website to the mass public yet. It’s still got a bit of work to go through. But for those of you who’ve found your way over here, these are for you. Now a little bit about the next episode. Well without spoiling anything, I can just say that the entire episode takes place in the city. Not necessarily in one part of the city, but I think it’ll be different seeing [...]

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3D Environment Samples

I’ve been working to improve my content for a while now. These days I typically 3D model my environments and then Photoshop them to fit the 2D animation artwork. While having finished environments ready for me to use at my fingertips is nice, knowing how to do proper lighting and advanced textures is very important when attempting to get a more photo realistic effect. Here are a few samples of textures and environments I’ve been working on! Forest Light Rays [...]

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New Site Under Construction

Like the title says, this new website is still being developed. That said, expect to see occasional changes like the layout moving around or random old content appearing out of nowhere. Aside from that, the site is still in working order!

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