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!US! Numa Numa

I had ideas for a post-apocalyptic story around the time this was made, though they were still early in development. Nevertheless, this was produced as some kind of peak into what could be. The Statistic Attack animations were also the only times you’ll ever see the character “Aerosol”, a character inspired by an old classmate in High School who bared the same nickname. Nothing really came out of this character who is now just an unknown antagonist for Scoot to battle in this unfinished, two part, series. It’s safe to say that Aerosol will not be making any future appearances outside of Statistic Attacks, parts 1 and 2. Was this animation inspired by the forces that created A.E. Chronics, well, more or less. But back then, there was virtually no story.


WARNING: Screenshots may contain spoilers!

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