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This short was inspired by the time Swiffer actually slammed into the back of my dads car years ago. Though the events in this short are much more humorous. There are some canonical issues with this short. Well one actually. BBD is depicted driving down the road to a stop, but the characters in this series are attending Junior High School. I think I just said to myself that the shorts don’t need to take place around the exact same time as the main episodes, but then I thought that certain material may confuse the audience. So I scrapped that method.

I would also like to apologize for the frame skipping in the video version of this short. I think I attempted to screen capture the animation on my desktop, which didn’t give good results when I tried expanding the flash window for a higher quality view. The flash version doesn’t have this issue, but you need a computer to watch those, unfortunately.


WARNING: Screenshots may contain spoilers!

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