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WHOOKOS BETA Short: We Can Make It

Here’s a short I did for a college assignment where we had to convey a message for the audience to decipher in an art form of our choice. I chose animation of course. IPC (Idea, Process, Criticism) was the class this was made for. At the time, I was attending the Memphis College of Art in Memphis Tennessee, an “art” college with a poor reputation of seeming like the best place to learn art ever, until you actually sit in a class and realize you just wasted a lot of money to get taught by art school rejects left over from the 70’s. The class was meant to teach students to convey and dissect artistic messages in different ways. Handling criticism is completely necessary when it comes to being an artist. Unfortunately, some students and faculty equate criticism with simply saying what comes to mind. I don’t give a fuck if you liked the message or not. The point of the assignment was to show if I can convey a message in the first place. Some students would say something along the lines of “I don’t like that you used paper to convey the people”. Oh, my bad. I didn’t have any stone to chisel the figures out of. Don’t go to this college if you’re looking for a career in digital media design of some form. Their facilities for animation are top notch, but the professors are completely out of touch and don’t have the knowledge themselves to give you the skills you need to succeed in the real world. It’s too focused on modern art to give anyone any real world skills. Unless you’re planning on painting or sculpting for a living (and you don’t need this shitty art college to achieve the horrid results their seniors produce), look elsewhere. I also remember the IPC teachers having a very snobby attitude towards many students. Not sure why since I’m pretty sure the professors of the class are just as talentless as the rest of the faculty. I don’t remember seeing any work from the professors. Not once. Which amazes me because the professors  have all these Orwellian regulations in place for everything you create. Those who’ve attended know what I’m talking about. Just check out the reviews for the college below.

Well that was a college rant apparently. I’d forgotten how many bullshit memories that college gave me . Seriously, do more research before going to an art school. StudentReview is a good site to check out if you want actual reviews from students. Many of them go into way more depth than I did. You can look here if you wish to see what others have to say about the college: Memphis College of Art Reviews

I apologize if this article seems a bit more personal. This college was just a huge waste of my time, and the only good thing I got out of it was this tiny little short.


WARNING: Screenshots may contain spoilers!

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