Title: WHOOKOS Intro 2006
Posted: Oct, 28, 2006
Series: Old WHOOKOS Animation
Author Notes: Around the time I moved away from the inspiration of WHOOKOS, I had decided to enter a this short animation in one of Newgrounds’s annual Halloween animation contests. Though it did not place high, it still made a nice addition to the WHOOKOS animations archive!


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WHOOKOS get together at Scoot’s house for a Halloween gathering! Not a productive thing happens.

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  • Rob Andrews Reply

    I remember discovering this animation on Newgrounds years ago. Back then I was just a fledgling fan of your crazy antics, but now I am an experienced fan who loves to go back and relive the nostalgia of this being my first exposure to the !US! Crew!
    You’ve only gone up since then, and my world was made brighter by your animation skills.

    May 19, 2016 at 7:47 pm

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