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WHOOKOS Halloween Special 2006

Around the time I moved away from the inspiration of WHOOKOS, I had decided to enter this short animation in one of Newgrounds’s annual Halloween animation contests. Obviously not placing very high, it still made a nice addition to the WHOOKOS animations archive!

Some references can be seen in this episode to things like Kingdom Hearts and Fruits Basket. Scoot’s an Organization XIII member, BBD’s a Soul Reaper, Swiffer’s himself dressed up backwards, and Kyo is referred to as himself, despite his red cat attire, referencing Kyo from Fruits Basket in his cat form.

There’s also  a picture on the wall in one scene were Link, Saria, and Diggs can be seen from Zelda UO BETA 3. This became a somewhat theme, as other future animations have had pictures containing imagery from a different series.


WARNING: Screenshots may contain spoilers!

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