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Zelda UO BETA Epis: 5 (2 of 2)

Continuing immediately where we left off, Link and Diggs battle against the mysterious foe. It’s debatable that either this , or Zelda UO BETA 7, is the longest episode of any series to date. In fact, this episode was so big, it had to be split into two parts.

At the time, I was uploading my animations mainly to Newgrounds, and back then this meant uploading them as Flash files. Adobe Flash has a frame limit of 16,000 frames, which I greatly exceeded. Newgrounds used to have an upload limit of up to 5MB. Later this was changed to 1oMB, and finally the option to upload video files was available. Though I’m sad to say that the inception of video and the degradation of Flash has killed a lot of creativity flash animators have in terms of custom menus, scene selection, and other innovative quirks that video cannot achieve.

Wow. This was more about Flash than the actual episode. Flash has always given me issues over the years, but each roadblock has given me a plethora of fixes when things go wrong.


WARNING: Screenshots may contain spoilers!

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