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Zelda UO BETA Trailer

During the production of the first episode of Zelda UO BETA (originally just “Zelda UO”) I decided to work on a short preview trailer to showcase the upcoming series. The first episode (which had to be split into two separate episodes due to Macromedia Flash issues) was used to supply the trailer with most of its content. One should take note of a few scenes that never appeared in the final BETA release. These scenes were never in the original episode to begin with, and only serve as shots to make the trailer stand out a little. The music from FLCL was simply the track I chose at the time. Back then, I didn’t make any music for my animations.

It’s also worth mentioning that the blank white space in this trailer wasn’t originally supposed to be there. Back when I was new to uploading to Newgrounds, I made a mistake in the trailer and decided to take the trailer down and re-upload it after. Though it wasn’t until later that I noticed I’d accidentally cut part of the trailer out, leaving the blank white space. Luckily, all that was cut out was the scene from Zelda UO BETA 1 where link is first seen running and bouncing off trees. So nothing was actually lost.


WARNING: Screenshots may contain spoilers!

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