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Zelda UO | Deku Chapter – Part: 1

Much longer than the BETA version of this episode, this remake attempts to both recreate the original series while also adding new elements that enhance what was already there. While I was fully committed to the style at the time, this was the last series-based animation we ever produced that used thin black outlines for all of the characters. It wasn’t until WHOOKOS – Episode: 1 that thicker colored outlines were used. Photoshopped backgrounds are back! Though this time they’re a combination of 3D modeled renderings with some touched up stock trees every now and then.

The design for Kokiria Forest has been revised quite a bit. Instead of a huge open space in the center of the village, there is now a central area where all Kokirian homes connect. This is also the last animation where the original Swiffer played the role of Diggs.


WARNING: Screenshots may contain spoilers!

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